Environment / OHSAS Policy

  • To comply with the national OHS legislation and the terms of organizations that it is a member of.
  • To comply and ensure the updating of national environmental legislation.
  • To ensure constant, measurable improvement in all aspects of environment.
  • To identify environmental aspects, environmental impact types and damages.
  • To minimize pollution and waste and to dispose of hazardous waste by minimizing environmental impact.
  • To constantly train employees and suppliers and promote the implementation of these principles.
  • To identify objectives and goals in this regard, review annually and declare advancements.
  • To implement and develop our Environmental Management Systems and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety System with constant improvement. 

Our objectives and goals to keep our principles in effect:

  • To fully record accidents and near-miss events and take necessary measures.
  • To minimize, to the extent possible, the consumption of materials resulting in hazardous waste.
  • To minimize pollution and waste.
  • To train employees and inform suppliers.
  • To increase the efficiency of energy use.
  • To ensure the proper disposal of hazardous wastes resulting from our activities and products.
  • To identify recyclable waste and classify into suitable containers to increase the amount of recycling.


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