IOSB General Information

İOSBPurpose of Establishment

To ensure that the small and medium sized industrial businesses in Istanbul, particularly in the historical peninsula (Fatih-Eminönü), Kağıthane and Haliç, which pollute the environment and harm health with wastes, smoke, noise etc., thus harming the city and the population and constituting a negative element in urbanization, maintain their operations in a location in line with principles of urbanization, with full infrastructural support and without damaging the environment.


The Undersecretariat of Environmental Health, the Governorate of Istanbul and the Istanbul Municipality ruled to move these businesses out of town, after which persons in the industry chose to cooperate and requested land from the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul.

The Ikitelli O.K.S.B. Master Plan with approval date 02.08.1985 and scale of 1/5000, providing 700 hectares of area to be assigned to 36 small and medium-sized industrial businesses operating on various fields and to the collective workplace cooperative was issued on 01.02.1985 with a nationalization decree and the Land Office carried out the procedures and assigned the land to the respective cooperate for the respective fee and the construction work was initiated. 

While the construction work of cooperatives continued in Ikitelli O.S.B. site, the construction of main roads and infrastructure was initiated with State contributions under the responsibility of Ikitelli Organized Small Industrial Zone Entrepreneurship Organization established in 1990 as per the Ministry of Industry and Commerce Funds Regulation.

After the enactment of the Organized Industrial Zones Law numbered 4562 on 15/04/2000, the Legal compliance work has been carried out within a year and a Adjustment Protocol was issued and approved by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce on 03/10/2001, establishing the Entrepreneurship Council and granting Ikitelli OSB Legal Status.

İOSBGeographical Structure

Ikitelli Organized Industrial Zone is located in Istanbul Başakşehir, north of TEM Highway, in 15 kilometers distance to Eminönü, 10 kilometers to Bayrampaşa Couch Station and Atatürk Airport, 30 kilometers to Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and approximately 20 kilometers to Istanbul Airport.

İOSBPopulation Status

The zone’s population consists of employees and movement for daily commercial purposes. Currently, the employee count in the zone is around 200 – 250 thousand persons. 

Ikitelli OSB’s daily passenger movement: 300,000 Persons

Ikitelli OSB daily items movement: 70,000 Tons

Entire city daily passenger movement: 700,000 Persons

İOSBAdministrative Status

Built over 7 Million Square Meters of gross land, the zone’s 95% is in Başakşehir district and 5% in Küçükçekmece district.

İOSBHealth and Social Status

The Zone houses the Başakşehir State Hospital, Başakşehir Çam and Sakura City Hospital which the employees benefit from.

İOSBEducation and Culture Status

The zone houses 2 vocational high schools. One of this is the Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School opened by İkitelli OSB directly. 

The zone’s cultural activities are carried out without interruption and with diligence.  Ikitelli OSB Service Building and the Zone house 5 conference halls and cultural activity halls to celebrate national and religious holidays and significant days and commemorations. (19 May Marathon, 29 October Celebrations, Ramadan events, IOSB Football tournament, Concerts, Conferences, Briefings, Trips, Exhibitions, Theater Acts, etc.) The Zone has plans for social living and the transition from the Industrial Sites to Social Facilities takes through Shopping Malls, sports and social life areas.

İOSBEconomic Status

Ikitelli Organized Industrial Zone, housing 24,864 active companies, provides an added value of 5-6 Billion Dollars on average to the national economy, every city in Turkey and almost every part of the world.

İOSBTransportation Status

A significant portion of transportation to the Zone is achieved through the Kirazlı-Olimpiyat-Başakşehir metro line. It is possible to transfer from this line to Kirazlı to reach Yenikapı, Taksim and the Coach Station. There are also public transports to the metrobus line, Bakırköy, Mecidiyeköy, Taksim and Aksaray.

Havaist bus stops are located within the zone to reach the new airport.

Minibus lines also ensure transport to Küçükçekmece, Bahçeşehir, Esenler and nearby districts. The Zone is a center of transportation.

İOSBSecurity and Safety Status

IOSB roads are monitored by main surveillance cameras which is integrated to the district police directorate’s system. Furthermore, the Industrial Site is in a physically closed area and site administrations have their own security arrangements.

İOSBManagement Organization Chart

IOSB Chair is managed by the management and supervisory board selected by the General Assembly.

Social Facilities and Service Buildings in IOSB

  • IOSB Service Building 
  • IOSB Gas Station
  • TSE (Turkish Standards Institute)
  • Ministry of Industry and Technology, Istanbul Provincial Directorate
  • KOSGEB Ikitelli Service Directorate
  • Private Ikitelli OSB Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School 
  • Apprenticeship Training Center 
  • Social Security Service Building 
  • İŞKUR (Employment Organization) 
  • Başakşehir Public Education Directorate
  • All Public and Private Bank Branches

High Investment Projects Planned inIOSB

  • Electric Unit Kindergarten and Nursery on 589 Block 1 Parcel
  • Electric Unit Social Facility Area on 1560 Block 1 Parcel 
  • Electric Unit Commercial Zone (Administrative Social Facility Area) on 720 Block 23 Parcel
  • Road Projects on 15the Boulevard
  • IOSB Health Facility Area on 1355 Block 6 Parcel 


  • IOSB Higher Education Area on 720 Block 24 Parcel

İOSBProfile Information

Total Number of Cooperatives 38
Total Active Cooperatives 38
Total Number of Workplaces 24.864
Construction Completion Rate % 95
Occupancy Rate % 90
Full-capacity Employment 300.000
Actual Employment 200.000-220.000
Gross Plot Area 7 Million m2
Zone Surface Area 700 Hectares
Equity Investment of Cooperatives 2 Billion $ (By Construction Year Prices)
State Contribution for Roads and Infrastructure Construction 8 Billion $ (By Construction Year Prices)
Estimated Added Value to Production 5-6 Billion $
Energy Requirement Annual 950 Million Kilowatt/Hour (for 2020)
Daily Drinking and Utility Water Requirement 40,000 m3/day
Length of Main Roads 25 Km
Rainwater Grid 18 Km
Waste Water Grid 12.5 Km (excluding internal lines)
Drinking Water Grid 20.8 Km
Natural Gas Grid 12 Km

Sector Distribution and Rates ofIOSB Companies

Leather Products, Shoe and Leathercraft %25
Auto Repair %12
Machinery, Spare Parts %14
Furniture %8
Socks, Tricot, Garments %7
Metal Items %5
Textiles, Knitting %5
Timber %3
Plastics %3
Ironworks %3
Gray Cast Iron %1
Metal Plating %1
Brass Casting %1
Hardware Vendors %1
Chemicals %1
Other %10

AdvantagesIOSB Offers to Industries

  • Electricity (cheap, clean and uninterrupted energy)
  • Phone
  • Workplace opening and running license
  • Problem-free production and suitable commerce environment
  • Social activities
  • Industrial training
  • Medical Services (OSGB)
  • Firefighting (Emergency response center)
  • Industry and Commerce Provincial Directorate
  • Measurement, adjustment and calibration center (for electricity meters)
  • KOSGEB (Available in the Zone)
  • Social facilities (Mosque, banks and financial institutions, Mall, Conference halls, etc.) 

Thanks to Contributors for IOSB

We consider each enterprise in Ikitelli Organized Industrial Zone as heroes, which significantly directs Turkey’s economy, produces and creates added value, and any service offered them is never fully adequate and respectfully celebrate our administrators who make every effort for the entrepreneurs.


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