Quality Policy


This organization aims to service persons, institutions and organizations through effective use of resources and maximizing efficiency within legal establishments and tolerances, providing on-time, on-site, accurate, reliable and jovial service, constant improvement and development of all organization, procedures and processes, ensuring citizens’ satisfaction, creating a modern and participatory management culture and ensuring the continuity of quality. 

Quality is always our priority. Our fundamental values ensuring the upholding of this priority in every phase of this goal are;


Istanbul Ikitelli Organized Industrial Zone, with an experienced and expert staff of 155 persons, aims to carry out its duties and services in a more transparent, participatory and accountable manner, constituting an exemplary organization at national and international level and assuming the primary task of national interest, functioning perfectly with its management, employees and entrepreneurs, to use the region’s infrastructure and superstructure, having no zoning issues, generating its own power, and actively using its own telecommunications system.


With highly capable staff, we aim to make Ikitelli Organized Industrial Zone into a center of production and commerce that is an envy of the whole world.


A team that integrates their work into their own lives and creates value in all of their efforts carries out teamwork towards a singular goal.


We act with the knowledge that our most important capital in creating a difference is “people”. Therefore, we fulfill our responsibilities to ensure the health and safety of our people.


We carry out our work without losing the awareness of our environmental duty under any conditions, even in busy work schedules.


To be a respectable, consistent, reliable, honest and powerful organization that delivers the required work to the client without any fault.

Within the frame of these values, IOSB’s (ISTANBUL IKITELLI ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL ZONE) objectives to create a modern and universal quality system are:

  • Quality, unconditional satisfaction of clients. For this purpose, we follow the principle of fully observing the requirements of the clients. 
  • To ensure continuous quality, we promote a comfortable, clean and reliable work environment where workers are encouraged to improve their knowledge, culture, talents and creativity. 
  • Constant improvement is ensured using advanced, cutting-edge technology and available resources in the most effective and economical way. 
  • The organization considers suppliers, employees and clients as stakeholders, acting in unison. 
  • Both internal and external environment is protected during production.


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